I call this 'Beauty-Part 3'

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Today I met a lady who shared an amazing story with me.

A few years ago her daughter was in a rehab program. During the trip to the centre she gave her one of my albums. 

There was one song that she really connected with. Apparently, she listened to it over and over. 

She paused, and then told me that she was convinced that the song had stopped her daughter from committing suicide.

And she was serious. 

I thanked her for sharing her story. I said it had made my week.

Actually, it has made my year. 

I share this with you because I am reminded that our small acts of creation can carry a weight of grace that has the power to change the world. 

Sometimes it goes beyond us in ways that we would never expect. 

So keep loving. Keep creating. 

Keep shouting hope into the void. 

The sound of life just may echo back.


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